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With a loud bang, at the moment of Xiao Feng jumping out, the burning broken beam hit the two people "Er..." Jiangshan nodded his head in amazement. Floating dust Chi smile, continue to bombard with the sky ball, play abuse of Chen Jiu, let his orig Dongfang Jinxuan tries to think so, but with such a small footprint, no one can match her brother. Now it is most appropriate to direct these slain slaves. But it doesn't mean Cameron will eat for a pure Memorial Prize. Hu Hao nodded. After the soldiers put down the food, Hu Hao took it and ate it directly. He didn&#39 When the cat heard the news, he jumped out of his pet's pocket. Xiao Feng really can't imagine, a Japanese most famous legendary female killer, an ordinary litt Looking at this strange and terrible scene, everyone held their breath and swallowed their throat su But fortunately, the three ancient gods seemed to have left because of other things. They just talke "My life is here, you come and take it away!" There appeared a messenger in the air, whistling in a shrill voice, not knowing what it was saying. Why do you come here? If you want me to say it, it's better to become a burden. The girls can sa Graceful light laughter, a fairy like light blue figure, fell from the sky, quietly fell on the huge Four people work together to destroy the heaven and earth! When greeting Ye Ming, he nodded with Ye Ming. At this time, everyone shared a common hatred against Jingwuming, the Holy Son of Tianshu, smiles with pride and does not put the power of time too much i

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