At a glance, his body seems to have become some kind of strange crystal! He took Jing Ke's name as the same name as Jing Ke in history, but he didn't think that thes When the monk is angry and shows his powerful moves, he is bound to kill Zichen. "When is it that I'm still playing the piano when I don't want to get out of trouble?" As soon as blood Li came over, he ordered. And when they were skinning, they mobilized more sailors to cut the fat off the surface of whales. When the robber heard this, he and his companions just wanted to steal money. Han Xue hesitated and said slowly, "I want to ask Mr. Fang for your help." Lin Shixin looks at Bai Qingqing holding Ye Chu's arm, although she is not happy in her eyes. Lu Jing laughed and sarcastically said, "I don't know. Please introduce me. I'm all ears." Yu Meijing explains the situation outside. The most exasperating thing is that Pan Jinlian still dislikes this bed. Li Hao was not interested in explaining to the king beast. Tu Mi Tu and asna Zhonglv, two people who were not used to seeing each other before, looked at each However, these attacks were blocked by Ju Kui. Wang Wenrong shook hands with he Chaoyang and said with a smile. Then, gently released the hand of Mu Cheng snow. "This guy has a good talent, but he seems to be a bit too colorful!"

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