The guard light curtain of the blood light fortress just rose, in the moment of the violent explosio The difference in cultivation, Yu Tianhao's special blood, and the invincible will of martial ar Ding Hao was curious for a moment, but he couldn't help but observe this legendary man like a li Then he reached for Hu Jiaying's chin and said, "can you tell me why you followed me? Don't It is only calculated as the highest ten thousand immortal stones, and the levy tax of 1120 immortal Wang Chi had great faith in Wang Han Dynasty's ability. Although Wang Hunyuan didn't participate in the exchange, he was the leader of these human culti After Li Rubi came to visit again, they all expressed their support, and they also worked hard with But Su Yi suddenly flicked his forehead. "It seems that there is a certain rule..." Li Hao frowned, remembering the shining way. Huaxu stood in front of the huge column of light, raised his hands and slowly took off his crown. Hi This level of Anaconda dynamic strong attack, also can cause Zichen whole body light shield tremor f "You rub so warm for me, can I not agree?" The second volume of the complete book of Shura appears in Lin Ming's sea of consciousness. There is no doubt that the forces of the great sect who have been hunting for the most powerful sons "We should still be at the bottom, which is about 10 meters above the ground," Aoki said Having said that, Gao Shi and Wang Changling felt heavy when they left. I'm afraid, but there's no such thing as this.

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