Lu Xuan nodded. He probably understood the power and horror of Taichu group better than many people Xu Zheng was overjoyed: "it's Duan younger martial brother! Let's go out!" The voice interrupted Tang Cheng's thoughts, and the vague shadow just formed in his mind was in After hearing the order, hundreds of bows and arrows pulled out their bows, put on their arrows and Thinking of a move, Jing Tian body suddenly appeared in front of the cat. "No! Why is there such a thing! Why must there be something I can't accept?" But when Ningyuan stood in front of the tomb, he could feel a trace of Yin evil spirit emanating fro So even though there are more than a hundred devil's ways now, if you enter the main peak of Qin "Well, I already know. It's not your fault!" Ji Yi is older than she left. Ji Feng and Ji Jian are not older than they are. They can fight. It's really the world's favorite. But merit can't be borrowed. You have to accumulate it by yourself. Toria micro smile, very calm to lower the sword, virtual pointing at the foot of the monster group. Many people's eyelids are jumping, which is really a pain in the water. "Is there danger? Isn't there three golden dragons?" Before Chen Yihan had time to ask questions, he heard Wang Ning Ke say to himself, "here we are." As soon as the curtain was lifted, my father turned around and saw a slight smile on his emaciated f "I guess so. I like football best. I don't know if China can make it to the top four in the next

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