Night sin who raised his head, look cold, impatient way: "what fish does not fish, this road has not He has a lot of things to say, especially his cultivation of Lei Xingfeng, there are too many questi "Oh, she's a reporter for my Xiangjiang daily." Its power is mainly related to its own consciousness. If it is in good condition... It can play the Speaking of the back, it is a string of obscene laughter. "Hey, hey, my lord... Long time no see." However, the three humans did not pay attention to their attacks and did not stop Under the threat of Gaoyang red fruit, all the voices of opposition disappeared. "How many people in China dare to talk to her like this? Is it a big boast? You are a small agent, h After rushing inside quickly, we found that it was an elevator hall. Besides the door we entered, th "Hehe, it's your turn, young man from the ancient county." Thinking about it, the scholar let go of his hands to hold the rock. With the violent air flow, it w "Well, well, in this case, I'll leave it to you. I'll go back first and contact me if you ha A regiment of Peng Dehuai attacks cyrili. At this time, everyone's eyes to long Aotian are full of strong intention to kill, especially th Qin Shou was also aware of his own situation, said in a hurry, and then ran off the stage. Was it this creature that attacked the Inca swarm last time? The creator said, "they didn't tell me too much about weapons, because they had to be reserved f

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