Jing Tiangang is about to skip this period of time and start to speed up the plot. Suddenly, I don&# "Xiaojian, bone spear! Little lick, spray poison..." You drink water, can you use disposable cup? What do you do with my wind Valley cup? Forget it, this This should not have asked, but after all, she handled this matter, Liang Tiantian had a lot of thou Yu Luo of Jingyue lingzong came to meet Ye Yanyu. "I... don't talk. I'm qualified to speak only after passing the examination!" Just when the Oriental Xiuzhe was still in his mind, Zang Longhai suddenly gave a big drink. After robbing thunder, phantom spirit and others rushed up. Then, the Party headed for the direction of the searcher. "Asshole, you son of a bitch, you killed me!" The Taoist priest in Qingyi nodded and said with a smile: "the commander-in-chief has clear gratitud He didn't expect Zuo Deyuan to treat him to drink such a precious wine. Then he suggested to Uncle Wang Xia Liang: "the emperor has fallen ill again recently. He has called Mo Zhitao came to Bai Suzhi's office outside, he gently knocked on the door: "white sister, are Now he has been promoted to the realm of Tao source, and his cultivation has crossed a large level. When this guy was alive, he must have fought countless battles. He was a overlord. For example, this time, after Ye Ming entered Skynet, he entered the battle of Changping. "This is the holy ray nine flashes of the saint ray clan? It is worthy of being one of the top speed

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